Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Royal Blue Jacquard Pants

About 6 months ago I found these cropped jacquard pants in TJ Maxx. They were a steal at $17 so I got this royal blue pair and a grey pair. They are very comfortable and have an elastic waist. I find the elastic waist bottoms more comfortable to wear to work everyday, since my job requires a lot of sitting. I am not the type of person who is afraid of colors either. I love popping outfits with a bright color. Since these royal blue pants are pretty bright I keep the top neutral. Like this one from Express that I got on clearance for $15. The heels are Express too that I got awhile back for $20 and they are actually comfortable. 

                              JC Penney's-$19.99                                                         Macy's-$34.98

                             Banana Republic-$66                                                       XOXO-$25