Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Surprise Engagement!

A couple weeks ago, one of my good friends, her boyfriend reached out to me and asked for my help with proposing. I told him I was in. So we started planning. He wanted to do the proposal on the beach near their house, where he first took her before she moved down to Florida. Where they had a long walk and found sand dollars together. Which is now one of her favorite hobbies, as well as dolphin spotting. So we had this plan to do it at sunset. He was going to be down on the beach a little ways and waiting for us. Now, my job was to figure out how to get her down to the beach without her suspecting anything. So I told her I want to do a blog post and feature her on it. I mean, come on, she's 5'10" and perfect for modeling. I had my friend do her make up and we chose a cute pink dress for her to wear. So she thought it was all apart of the blog post. Never did she suspect she would get engaged at the end of it. Even on the car ride to the beach we were discussing when she thought he would propose. Little did she know...

So after we got down to the beach, I was texting her boyfriend asking where he was, and he wasn't answering me. I wasn't sure how far down the beach he was and I started to panic. What if I am walking the wrong direction? What if he's not out here? I was so nervous.

Suddenly, I looked up and through this tree I saw the balloons flying in the breeze. I motioned to my other friend who was there, also in on the plan to go ahead and start to take photos of her walking up the beach. I turned on my video and started to record.

She walked up a little ways and saw him up on the sand with a balloon saying "Marry Me". She let out a scream and I think was in a little shock, obviously not expecting to see him. She walked up to the shore and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said YES!!!!

I was so happy that I could be apart of this amazing day and honored that he asked me to help.


Makeup by Ashley Smith

Photo shoot before the surprise 

Seeing him on the beach


We did it Ashley!