Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Easiest Legging Outfit

This morning was one of those mornings. I didn't pull out my outfit the night before and I struggled at 6am staring at my entire closet and thinking "what do I want to wear". I settled on black leggings and a basic long sleeve grey shirt. 

This is about as basic as you can get. But knowing me I love to add color somehow. My solution: adding a scarf. I got this one a while back from the HSN store (yes, there are local stores around the area that has HSN merchandise). It was from the Vince Cameo line. I love that it is a simple stripe and just adding a little bit of pink makes the outfit pop!

The boots are from Zulily. I ordered these about 3 years ago. These have been one of my favorite pairs of boots. I scored a great deal on this pair and another around January. They were about $20 each. January is great time to get some deals on boots not just on Zulily, but everywhere!

Top: Max Studio c/o TJ Maxx-$12
Leggings: Gap-$30
Scarf: Vince Cameo c/o HSN-$10
Necklace: Forever 21-$4
Monday, November 20, 2017

The Fleece Cardigan

If your office is anything like mine, it gets ridiculously cold to the point where you are shivering. I actually bought this sweater yesterday at TJ Maxx. My main reason why I went was to get some Christmas pillows. But of course I had to browse through the clothes. (I did find pillows too!).

They always have so many different types of third pieces. I am always trying to add something to my wardrobe that I don't currently have or something that has an added value to it. Then this one came along. It is has fleece inside, to me that was the added value that was different from other sweaters that I had. It is absolutely so soft and when it gets really cold here I would just wear something like this around my house. 

I love the idea of adding an open sweater, sometimes known as a third piece as a way to make not just a comfortable outfit but a functional one to keep you warm.

Cami:Old Navy-$4
Sweater: Bobeau c/o TJ Maxx-$20
Leggings: Target-$15
Boots: Target-$20
Necklace: Forever 21-$4
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ponte "Hybrid" Pant

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Thought I would give a wear to work inspiration. Again, sorry about the mirror selfies. 

One of the staple pieces of any wardrobe, especially if you work for a company that you have to dress business casual is the black pant. I prefer to wear skinny legs. I don't particularly care that I am more curvy and theres sigma that curvy girls can't wear skinnies. But there are plenty of other choices out there. There's straight, boot cut, or even flare. It just depends on what you are comfortable with and if you wear heels or not. 

I found this pair of pants recently in Target. They are what I am calling a 'hybrid". They fit like leggings but are the material of a Ponte fabric. They are absolutely so comfortable. They do have a higher waist on them and these cute zipper pockets. They are really great at hiding/holding in the mid section. And the best part they were only $25!

Top: TJ Maxx-$17
Pants: A New Day c/o Target-$25
Flats: Express-$20
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Lace Dress

First of all, please excuse the mirror selfie photos. It began to rain during my photo shoot this weekend.

One of my favorite things to do is to "mog" around Target. Treat myself to Starbucks and spend an unnecessary amount of money on things I think I need. 

I recently received a promotion at work. I am officially an Associate Buyer! I have been waiting for this moment and it's great to be recognized for all the hard work I have done. So I decided to treat myself to some shopping at Target.

I had been waiting a few more Fall style dresses. Most of the dresses I own are either maxis or more Spring/Summer styles. When I saw this dress I fell in love with the color and the style. I was also excited that it was such an easy silhouette to style. The lace overlay and the lace front is trend right. 

Plus I got so many compliments today! 

Dress: Target-$30
Boots: Wet Seal-$10
Earrings: Aldo-$10
Monday, November 13, 2017

The Mustard Yellow Top

One of my favorite places to shop are outlets malls. Back in the day their assortment included products from the regular stores that didn't sell. Now with gaining popularity, the merchandise you see in the outlets is specifically made for that store. 

One of my favorites is the Gap Outlet. I worked for Gap for a little over 5 years. So I kinda have a soft spot in my heart for Gap. I particularly don't really shop in the regular store anymore. Their product to my isn't very innovative anymore and not very flattering. But the outlet still has some cute tops and jeans for an affordable price. 

I got this yellow top a few weeks ago on an outlet mall excursion. I love that they always offer an extra percentage off their clearance (since I am an avid clearance shopper). I scored this top for $7!

Tops: Gap Outlet-$7
Leggings: Target-$15
Jacket-Baccini c/o Bealls Florida-$15
Boots: Wet Seal-$10
Purse: Michael Kors Outlet-$130
Necklace: Express-$10
Sunglasses: Madden c/o Kohls-$3
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Military Boot

About 2 years ago I was out shopping at Rue 21 and they had a deal for BOGO free boots. I got this pair of military style lace up and also a pair of brown flat ones. 

It wasn't a huge trend back then, but they were different than any other boots I owned. My first thought was to pair them with black leggings and camo. 

One of the many boot trends this season is the military combat boot. I was happy to see that, since I already owned a pair of them. 

These boots for me are a little more edgy than I usually wear. But it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different. And the best part it you don't have to buy tall ones like mine, there is shorter styles out there too! You can also do a brown pair as well. 

Check out some of these great styles below to add to your wardrobe.

Top: Target-$13
Leggings: Gap-$20
Boots: Rue 21-$15
Necklace: Target-$5
Sunglasses: Madden c/o Kohls-$3

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Clothing Haul Video

New clothing haul video up now featuring finds from Target, Calvin Klein, Gap Outlet and Forever 21!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Velvet Dress

While I am always out shopping, I try to find clothes that are multi-purposeful. I found this dress at TJ Maxx while I was out searching for one for my birthday. I loved the color of it, it's so soft and most of all it's comfortable. I had never bought anything from Cynthia Rowley collection before. 

I had been on the hunt for a velvet dress for a while. I didn't want a long sleeve one, knowing that it's most likely going to be warm when I wear it. I always go through the motions of wanting a particular item but am unsure about the fit, color, and so on. But I have gotten to the point that if I find something I really like I will just buy it. I know that I would be able to wear it to work and out with friends. 

I added this knit vest to give the dress a little flare but it would be just as cute without.

Dress: Cynthia Rowley c/o TJ Maxx-$30
Vest: Target-$10
Boots: Christian Siriano-gift
Clutch: gift
Bracelet: Gap-$5, Rue 21-$3

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Floral High Split Dress

First of all, I just wanted to start out and let you know how windy it was the day we shot these photos. I thought I was going to blow away. 

Last month was my birthday. I planned a dinner downtown and then drinks out after. I chose a great restaurant with a trendy vibe. I procrastinated a little on finding an outfit. I was down to the final weekend before. I decided to go to a TJ Maxx a little further south from me. And so glad I did. Not only did I find some great make-up deals (see Youtube video here of my finds) but I found this dress. 

I was unsure at first if I wanted to wear it for my birthday dinner. I found another one as well. I took a selfie in my mirror and sent it to a couple of my friends. They bot agreed on this one. Glad I did as well, because that night we went out was windy as well and I was happy to have on a longer dress!

Dress: TJ Maxx-$17
Heels: Express-$20
Bracelets: Forever 21-$6
Sunglasses: Madden c/o Kohls-$3

Thanks to all my friends who came out and celebrated with me! 
(some not pictured)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Wide Brim Hat

Happy Halloween Everyone! First of all, I can't believe it's already Halloween. But that just means we are that much closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my favorite holidays. 

When I saw the below inspiration from Pinterest, I was so excited to wear my wide brim hat. I did a previous post last week (here) where I wore this hat. I had bought this earlier this year on sale for $5 from Rue 21. They have such amazing deals on hats and accessories. I couldn't pass it it. Plus, I really liked the camel/brown shade. 

Sometimes when it comes to being fashionable, it's just as easy as adding a trendy hat. I had a complex for a while that I looked silly in hats. Then one year I decided to make my New Years resolution to wear more hats. I had bought a few different styles, and they all started to grow on me. I get that it's hard to go out of your comfort zone. I had worked with several past clients that I pushed them to try a new silhouette or a new fabrication and they looked awesome and also loved the way they looked. 

Top: TJ Maxx-$10
Jeans: Target-$30
Booties: Sam Edelman c/o HSN-$20
Hat: Rue 21-$5
Purse: Michael Kors Outlet-$130
Necklace: Forever 21-$4
Bracelet: Charolette Russe-$2
Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson c/o TJ Maxx-$10

Inspiration from Pinterest
Monday, October 30, 2017

Pink Puffer Vest

Living in Florida doesn't give a ton of opportunities to wear puffer vests. The best way I have found to styles these third pieces is to find a plaid woven or flannel in a matching color. I have had this pink vest for years now. I got it at Gap Outlet and when I bought it I honestly didn't need it for any reason. I just wanted one (which is not a good trait, you should only buy things you can really utilize).

Another great way to style puffer vests is to style your solid puffer vest with a textured sweater. There are so many great ways to wear this vest. Comment below with how you like to style your vests!

Shirt: Old Navy-$10
Jeans: Target-$30
Vest: Gap Outlet-$25
Boots: Target-$20

Inspiration from Pinterest 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happy National Pumpkin Day!

It's National Pumpkin Day today! This is my favorite season of the year. I love the cooler weather, the leggings and of course all things pumpkin. Yes, I am one of those people that have pumpkin in everything and countdown to when Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming back. There's just something about this season, it gets you excited for all the up coming holidays. 

I got this outfit inspiration from Pinterest. I loved how she mixed the buffalo plaid and browns together. It's was funny how I saw this photo and I was like I have everything to make that outfit. This plaid is one of my favorites to style. And I am loving black denim right now. These are my favorite black jeans from Old Navy. They are just stretchy enough but don't give you that saggy butt after a few hours.

T-Shirt: Gap-$10
Plaid Shirt: Old Navy-$20
Jeans: Old Navy-$30
Hat: Rue 21-$5
Sunglasses: Madden c/o Kohls-$3

Inspiration: Pinterest 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October Random Haul: TJ Maxx & Product Tests

New YouTube video posted of some TJ Maxx make-up finds, some products I tested and a birthday gift I wanted to share with everyone!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Plaid Blanket Scarf

I remember when I bought this scarf. I was in New York for New Years visiting my family. I had been wanting one for so long. I saw them everywhere: Instagram, Pinterest, blogs. I knew living in Florida I wouldn't have much use for a heavy scarf like this, but I would love to have something when I traveled. So I knew I didn't want to pay full price for something that I know I wouldn't utilize all the time.

I was at the local mall with my mom and aunt. The mall had an Old Navy (one of my favorite stores). They had these scarves on sale for $10! 

I think that these scarves are a must own. There are so many different ways you can style a scarf like this. Plus Florida is expecting some cooler weather this week, so I might need to break this one out!
Sweater: Old Navy-$10
Jeans: Old Navy-$30
Scarf: Old Navy-$10
Flats: Old Navy-$10
Purse: Tory Burch c/o local consignment store-$350
Sunglasses: Madden c/o Kohls-$3
(I didn't realize until I was writing this post that my entire outfit was from Old Navy!)