Sunday, November 2, 2014

Drug Store Mascara Showdown!

When I go to CVS or Walgreens I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the mascara choices out there. They all claim to give you fuller, thicker lashes with volume sky high! So I decided to test the choices out there. I bought Covergirl, Rimmel, L'oreal, and Revlon volumizing mascaras to test which one is the best choice. Sorry my face looks a little blotchy. I tried to do the photos in natural light.

The first one I tried was Covergirl Lash Blast. I will be using the same before photo for all of the comparisons. The first thing I liked about the Covergirl was the brush. It was soft and had enough product on it without clumping or anything. The mascara glided on and looked really natural. I wouldn't say this mascara gave as much volume as I expected.


After 2 coats

The second one I tried was Revlon Lash Potion. I didn't really care for the shape of the brush but it went on really well. One of the main things I look for on a brush is if its easy to get the inner and outer top lashes. I have a Make Up Forever mascara and the brush is so awkward that its hard to get in to the inner corners. This one had a really light feel and didn't even need to curl afterwards. I would say this was more of a twiggy look. Also when I took off this one it came off so easily and no raccoon eyes. 


After 2 coats ( no curling)

So much length!

The third option was L'oreal Voluminous Original. This was the one I was a skeptic about. Honestly, because it was in a boring package and the mascara tube wasn't a loud bright color. Boy was I surprised. I liked the brush, it was very light weight and after one coat the lashes appeared fuller. The length was incredible. The feel was soft and not chunky either. 


After 2 coats (no curling)

Great length!

The final brand I tried was Rimmel Scandal Eyes. I have always had good luck with Rimmel beauty products. I had high hopes for this one. I was disappointed with the brush, it didn't have a lot of mascara on it but still looked chunky, and it was way too big to get into the inner corners. It gave some volume but definitely needs to be curled. 


After 2 coats

This image is kind of deceiving it looks like there is length and volume but not as good as the others.

So after trying all four of these I decided that the L'oreal Voluminous Original was my favorite, with the Revlon Lash potion in a close second. Both with the two coats didn't need much curling afterwards.  The length and volume was incredible. I hope this helps you next time you are trying to figure out which brand to buy!