Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March 29 Outfit of the Day

I loved this look. This yellow woven is from Gap, it is a size too big and a tall size as well, you can always make something work for you though. Since it was too long I belted my waist with a beige stretch belt and bloused the button up over it to take up some of the length. The sleeves were too long as well so those got rolled up. Adding a bright bauble necklace (yes still trying to keep this style "cool" lol) to off set the color of the shirt will make your outfit pop! My jeans are dark boot cut jeans from JCP  and my sandals are from Gap! 
 So when I accessorize I love to wear my MK watch. It's my favorite accessory. For some reason it makes me feel confident and happy when I wear it! This turquoise "Hope" bracelet I got from Cotton On. It was a mere $2 and the proceeds went to building schools in Africa! I'm all for helping out an organization! Plus the word "Hope" means so many different things to me, it's my beautiful nieces name and I remind myself when things get tough to always have hope.