Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Model Comp Card Behind the Scenes

So I had the pleasure of working with Kendall Hoeft, a model I met at Christian Fashion Week this past February. She asked me to assist her with styling for her new model comp card. I was so happy to be able to help her. We met up on Sundays a few times a month for about two months prior to the shoot. This past Saturday we met over in Orlando for the shoot. Here are a few behind the scenes shots to check out!!!
We started the shoot off at a carnival, but first make up touch ups!

Little kids went first!

The pool we were planning on going to had closed so we improvised in the parking lot!

Kendall working the beach look :) 

Yoga in the grass, I was on the look out for alligators, ahhhhhh!

April 1 Outfit of the Day

April Fools Day was one of my favorite new outfits. I wore my dark boot cut jeans from JCP and my A.N.A. khaki striped blazer. This knit blazer is super light and comfortable. I love this look for Spring and Summer. Such an easy outfit to put together. Next time I want to mix it up with a colored tank underneath. And I just layered a few bracelets with my neutral tone Gap sandals and the look was complete!
Happy Inspiration! 

March 29 Outfit of the Day

I loved this look. This yellow woven is from Gap, it is a size too big and a tall size as well, you can always make something work for you though. Since it was too long I belted my waist with a beige stretch belt and bloused the button up over it to take up some of the length. The sleeves were too long as well so those got rolled up. Adding a bright bauble necklace (yes still trying to keep this style "cool" lol) to off set the color of the shirt will make your outfit pop! My jeans are dark boot cut jeans from JCP  and my sandals are from Gap! 
 So when I accessorize I love to wear my MK watch. It's my favorite accessory. For some reason it makes me feel confident and happy when I wear it! This turquoise "Hope" bracelet I got from Cotton On. It was a mere $2 and the proceeds went to building schools in Africa! I'm all for helping out an organization! Plus the word "Hope" means so many different things to me, it's my beautiful nieces name and I remind myself when things get tough to always have hope.

March 22 Outfit of the Day

I was having one of my "dress fancy" moments on the 22nd. The skirt is the Rhonda Shear shaping skirt. Super comfortable! My grey blouse is from Worthington for JCP. This I got on a steal for $6! I love a good sale. My pewter heels are from JC Penney as well. I love the neckline on this blouse, so trendy and you could dress this top up with a nice skirt or it could be pulled off with some jeans. Ahh I love versatility :) 
Happy Inspiration!

New Make Up Products

Ok so I am obsessed with anything to do with organization. I had been on the hunt for the perfect make-up organizer for a while now. I needed a large one for all my lipsticks, eye shadows and other randomness. I kept coming across smaller ones that just wouldn't suffice. Until I went to Home Goods and found this gem for only $12.99!!! I needed to own it! It has been working out perfectly even though I still have a three-drawer caddy full of stuff still, this makes it perfect for me to get all my daily uses out easily.

My other new favorite find is my Kabuki Limited Edition set of brushes from Eco Tools! I love this brand of brushes in that they are so soft and make you look like a professional, even if your not! Definitely a make-up lovers must have :)

March 19 Outfit of the Day

For my March 19, OOTD I wore my dark skinny jeans from JC Penney's, a shelf bra tank top from Old navy. I love these tanks because they are on the longer side and don't show my back side if I bend over :) My cute turquoise geometric print cardigan is from Gap (post employment there). The heels I am wearing are from JC Penney's as well by Call it Spring. They are almost a perfect match to the cardi! They also have a shorter heel so my legs don't feel so strained after 8 hours at work. 

Happy Inspiration!