Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lash Sleeve Mascara Review

I am so excited to announce that I am starting to do beauty reviews on my blog! Beauty, make-up, and skincare are a huge part of my life! I always look for great new products to try, so now I get to try new products out and let you know my opinion on them.

For my first review I was sent the Lash Sleeve Mascara. I usually never leave my house with out foundation, blush, and mascara. Those are my 3 must haves.

So I was so excited to try out a new mascara. When I first put the mascara on I noticed that it wasn't clumping at all, which I loved. The product information states that "[the] mascara surrounds each lash and has a shrink wrap effect on the lashes after it is dry." I never really use lash curlers, so I was hoping it would make my lashes look longer, which it did! The best way to describe the lash look it gave me was a very "twiggy" look. The lashes still looked natural, but darker and longer! After I was ready to take it off, it came off really easy with the make-up remover wipes that I have. Below are some photos for you to see the differences.
This my lashes without any mascara on them. I have very thin lashes

Here is a photo of one of my eyes done with 2 coats of the Lash Sleeve Mascara. Tip: remember to always put your mascara on your bottom lashes first, if you put mascara on your top lashes first you might have transfer of the wet mascara onto your brow area. 

Here is a photo with both eyes done with 2 coats on each. 

Here is another picture in different light of the after. 

In conclusion I really like this mascara. It has a clean feel, makes my lashes look long, and didn't smudge or run all day, as well had an easy clean up! Check out their website and get a tube for yourself!

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I say what my honest remarks are about the product.