Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where to Shop Wednesday

Don Me Now

For my first post for my Wednesday "Where to Shop" topic I wanted to feature one of my good friend's boutique and style lounge in Hyde Park Village - Don Me Now. My friend Danielle McFarland opened earlier this year and ever since then has been busy styling her clients.

What makes this store unique is that you can shop for trendy must-haves or you can indulge in tailored styling session. With nine different personal styling options to choose from you can get quick advice with a 15-minute session or be red carpet ready after your 4-hour monthly personal styling experience. You can check out for more information about the styling services that are offered.

What I love about Danielle is that she takes her store to the next level by tagging items that are "Styling Stapes." And who would know better than a fashionista herself. These items are interchangeable and versatile for the season.

Some of the bright Summer scarves and belts

Yummie Tummie body shape wear = must have!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you say obsessed with the bangles and necklaces. I'll take one of each please!!!

More jewelry featured in the center of the boutique

Don't forget to fill out your Client Profile card

I love how Danielle features bright trendy colors in a variety of dresses, tops, and bottoms

More tops and shorts from Don Me Now

Striped maxi dresses, everyone needs at least one in their wardrobe

Danielle features "Style Bistro's" around the store which a collage of celebrities donning the latest trends featured in the store

Danielle is so excited to roll out her new Fall merchandise and move summer items out. She has a wide variety of denim coming in and is excited to showcase her Fall collection to everyone. 

Don Me Now is located at 1627 West Snow Circle, Tampa, Fl. 33606
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm
            Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Happy Shopping!!!!!!