Sunday, April 14, 2013

Styling with Meiosha!

Styling with Meiosha!

This past weekend I went out to lunch with a few of my friends. California Pizza Kitchen at International Mall in Tampa was amazing. Their Apple Berry Sangria was delicious and the conversations with my friends were even better.

My friend Meiosha, I met one day when her sister and her came into the consignment store I work in. They were out shopping for her sister's birthday and asked me for some style advice. Little did they know that I styled on the side. Their faces lit up when I told them, I worked with them on outfits for over an hour. Best hour I have ever spent on the retail floor :) Anyways, Meiosha wanted some style advice and how to change up her wardrobe so while we were out shopping at the mall after lunch I took full advantage of helping her find new outfits.

Meiosha described her wardrobe as kind of plain, no excitement. So the first things I chose for her were bright colors and jewel tones. While we were in Express she tried on a purple top she wasn't sure about, I said take it home and try it on with some different bottoms because it will look great on you. Sure enough I get a text that says how much she loves the purple top and how amazing it looks.

Our main shopping location was Forever 21. The best place in my opinion to find trendy, affordable clothes. I went a little crazy running around the store picking out tops, as well as finding Meiosha her first pair of skinny jeans (which is a staple for any wardrobe). We got her a dark blue pair to start off with because they are so easy to dress up or dress down, and to pair with flats, sandals, or heels.

This was Meiosha before we went for lunch and shopping.

This Meiosha after we went shopping in a light pink ruched sleeve t-shirt from Forever 21 for only $6.80. Meiosha added a gold necklace and with her new skinny jeans she looks absolutely wonderful! It's so easy to just take a simple top like this and add a long necklace and heels and be ready for day out with friends.

This by far is my favorite top that we got for Meiosha from Forever 21 as well for only $19.80. Being able to combine two spring trends into one top: emerald green and peplum was such an easy choice. Meiosha wasn't sure about the color or the fit, but once she got it on her face lit up! You can see how flattering this top is on her with her skinny jeans. All she will have to do is add a long gold necklace or a pair of drop earrings and her look would be complete.