Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christian Fashion Week - Tampa, Florida

The First Annual Christian Fashion Week

I am so proud to say that I was part of the first ever Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida. The runway fashion show featured seven designers from all over the country including Sandra Hagen, Carmelita Couture, Franco Montoro, Julia Chew, Pat McGhee, Renee Scarborough, and Alma Vidovic. Their designs ranged from Renee's swimsuit wear to Alma's first ever bridal dress launch (so proud of her!). The best part about the show was since it was Christian related we proved that you didn't have to show so much skin in order to be stylish.

I was lucky enough to be the assigned stylist to Sandra Hagen's collection. Sandra is a local to Tampa and sells her pieces on Etsy ( She was recently features in Italian Vogue for her designs. Her collection was 70s inspired with jail house stripes and so many textures being mixed together you couldn't help but fall in love with this collection. Sandra's creative looks paired neutrals, browns, reds, and oranges to create looks that everyone at the show went gaga over. Her hair and make-up was kept very simple to not take away from the outfits. For styling we added multiple shades of brown leather belts, bold vintage gold-tone rings, and a few brimmed floppy hats. And for my favorite part of the outfit the shoes, we stuck to neutral and brown colored wooden platforms. There was no need to add so many accessories because her outfits were so detailed. I also was co-styling with Sandra Davila. She was such an inspiration and I hope to be able to work with her again.

Below are some pictures from the Model for Jesus VIP Party and some backstage shots from Sandra Hagen's line.

Model for Jesus VIP Party Silent Auction

Kali the stylist for Franco Montoro & me at the VIP Party

Erica a stylist from HSN & me at the VIP Party

Two of our models dressed and ready to rock the runway

Our models looking absolutely stunning

Sandra Hagen, Sandra Davila, and me with the models

Sandra Hagen and me before the show!

Sandra Davila and me = Co-stylists!

Our girls about to get ready to hit the runway

Making their way to the stage

Surprisingly enough this is really organized :)

After a great show getting my photo taken with Tamy Lugo, Danielle McFarland, and Veronica Khvorostov (Alma's bridal stylist)